Rugby 4 School aims to enhance the awareness of rugby through partnering with schools to introduce rugby and touch rugby into each school's sports offering. 

Rugby and touch rugby are the contact and non contact versions of the sport. Both games involve running, passing, sidestepping and both are great fun. However as touch is a non contact sport, it is easier, quicker and safer to introduce to school age children. 

We offer coaching programmes for both.  We also offer a full service package for the introduction of Touch rugby into schools, as we provide coaching to groups of teachers, all required playing materials, and all support documentation, rules, tips etc.  Touch is a fast moving exciting game played with twelve players on each team, six each at one time with rolling subs on a half soccer pitch. So touch can be easily introduced to a normal sports lesson for the whole class.

Our intention is to empower sufficient teachers with the necessary skills to be able to coach and develop touch rugby within their own school. We have in place a framework to support local and regional competition between schools and will offer support with tournament organisation.

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